Post Tenebras

Post Tenebras Luxe is a curatorial and editorial project on the subject of luxury and a proposal by 23 young artists from Geneva, who deal with this notion both historically and from today’s perspective.

The motto for the Protestant Reformation in Geneva is: Post Tenebras Lux: “after darkness, light”. By adding an “e” to the last word of the sentence: Post Tenebras Luxe, its meaning changes, since in French “luxe” means luxury. Isn’t that what Geneva stands for? A very prosperous city, known for its manufacturing of watches, that is represented by its internationally recognized artists and their understanding of luxury: from the finest jewelry craft to a rich alternative scene. For the Post Tenebras Luxe project, artists from Geneva were invited to propose works that revolve around the subject of luxury. 21 submissions were selected to shine a new light on luxury and the enlightenment period of the city of Geneva, its history and today’s situation—some snapshots of capitalist exclusiveness.

The publication cannot be considered as a simple exhibition catalogue. Rather, it brings together four essays on the subject of luxury in Geneva between the 16th and 21st century, and proposes an evocation of the 23 artists taking part in the exhibition. The drafting of the first four texts was handled by specialists trained at the University of Geneva. The authors deal with luxury, departing from a selection of objects, monuments, institutions, and emblematic historical episodes.

At regular intervals, full-page photographs, placed and edited by Michel Bonvin, punctuate the book (the limousine of Isaac Pictet (1789), and the Rath Museum in restoration (December 2008), Sylvie Fleury, Gipsy and Rocky at Mamco, Geneva, January 12, 2009).

Background picture: Musée Rath façade with communication board design by Schönherwehrs. Photo: Sandra Pointet.
All Post Tenebras Luxe's exhibition photos: Sandra Pointet.©SandraPointet_004_genoud.jpg
Olivier Genoud, Suicide Club.©SandraPointet_014_vitelli.jpg
Caroline Vitelli, Fourniture d'intérieur.©SandraPointet_017_vitelli.jpg
Caroline Vitelli, without title.©SandraPointet_008_graumann.jpg
Hervé Graumann, Post Tenebras Luxe Pattern.©SandraPointet_043_benichou_lapzeson.jpg
Fanny BĂ©nichou and Andrea Lapzeson, Condominia.©SandraPointet_064_hentsch.jpg
JĂ©rĂ´me Hentsch, Salle de projection.©SandraPointet_024_clerc.jpg
Fabien Clerc, In memory of the good old days.©SandraPointet_054_pini.jpg
Valentina Pini, Without title.©SandraPointet_034_reist.jpg
Delphine Reist, L'Etabli.©SandraPointet_071_dussoix.jpg
Hadrien Dussoix, Well paid jobs.
Magdalena Gerber, La Tablée.
Valentina Pini, Stealth.
Xavier Bauer, Don't disturb.