We are currently under the paradigm of a pandemic affecting the globe. Nevertheless, we have to move on, staying at home, confined, getting in touch via interface/screen/file sharing and digital platforms. How do artists react to such a scenario that is actually reality? Is it about documenting this historical moment, producing new works in relation to it, using it as a new parameter? Does it make sense to continue, as if everything is fine as long as technology follows – or to get into what it is. And what it is then? How do we feel? How do we relate to sickness? To intimacy? To immobility? To everyday life? How strong and viral is the virus? How long? Do you trust medicine? How come that this virus could migrate from an animal to a human being? Do you believe this story? And still, the Spring is offering us wonderful days in Zurich: the trees are blossoming.

Background picture: Zentralstrasse, Zurich, 29 March 2020


Designed by Niels Wehrspann
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